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Like a bird I wish to fly

So do I fly, fly, fly away...

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Name: Alyn Thesyoen (Nic: Aly)

Age: 513 (Looks around 19 mainly)

Gender: Male

Species: Elf

Looks: Long black hair usually tied up into a ponytail, has golden eyes and pale skin. Lean and tall with pointed ears, he's a very attractive boy but has some sort of homicidal glean underlying all the cuteness. Depending on how you looked at him, you could say he passed for a girl. He also always carries a metal ring around his neck that is covered with red gems and stones.

Personality: Alyn acts like an young child most of the time. Always cheerful, but easily made to cry, he sees everything in a bright light and with a positive outlook. However, if you were to threaten someone severely that he really cared about, he'll become cold and homicidal, and a totally ruthless killer, once he senses the threat is no longer dangerous, he'll revert to normal, with absolutely no memory of what occured. Extremely naive and childish, he is a seemingly innocent child most of the time.

Background: Nearly 5 centuries ago, the Elven Kingdom of Seyothren had 4 protectors to guard it’s holy borders. Two of them were the Elven warriors Lithalia and Fethelan. Aided with their friends Suwara and Luther, they protected their homeland, and inevitably, Lithalia and Fethelan fell in love. Together they had a son named Luthaniel, named after Luther who died in battle. Luthan was a quiet boy who was stern, thoughtful, but loving and kind.

5 years after Luthan’s birth came his younger brother, Alyn. Luthan, upon seeing his frail brother cradled by his mother, immediately declared he’d call his younger sibling Aly, and that he would always protect him. After that time, even though Lithalia and her husband Fethelan continued to guard Seyothren, the two brothers always looked after each other, and were inseparable. Luthan always guarded Aly, causing Aly to become dependent on his older brother.

When Aly was 13 and Luthan 18, Luthan joined the local militia, but Aly was still too young to do any sort of fighting, so in order to prove himself worthy, he trained day in and day out with their father’s old sword. Luthan continued the next 4 years without ever realizing that his brother had mastered sword skills and had moved onto archery. When Aly turned 17, he demanded that he be allowed into the militia, immediately all the soldiers refused, he was a year below the minimum required they stated calmly. Aly had been expecting this. He challenged the top ranking commander, his own brother Luthan, that if he could beat him in a fight, the army would have to let him join. The request was reasonable, and Luthan, although grudgingly, agreed.

The battle ensued, both using weighted practice swords, the duel inadvertently came to a draw. Disenheartened, Aly, certain that he had lost the bet, growled and flopped onto the ground muttering. Luthan walked over to his brother and asked what was the matter, and Aly replied;
“I just wish I was strong enough to stand by your side on the battlefield.”
Luthan blinked in shock, before laughing. He replied;
“You have already proven yourself to be as strong as me, even though I am 5 years older then you. You have earned your fair place among us.”
From that day on Aly was never parted from his brother for 2 years.

A year later, Aly and his brother were promoted to the highest status of soldiers in Seyothren. They became known as two of the four protectors. They were joined in this position by Koryu and Thelayan, Suwara’s daughter. On their coronation as the 4 protectors, each was given a sacred sword. The dragon sword, Leveythian which rules over wind and water was given to Koryu. The phoenix sword, Valeyfor that rules over Earth and Fire, was given to Thelayan. The sword of darkness, Muramasa went to Luthaniel, leaving the Masamune, the sword of light to Aly.

Having the new ability to summon a sword from his hand, Aly and his friends continued to be the shining stars, and most often the pillars to Seyothren with their mentor Sou. An Elf who wielded crescent moon like weapons.

A year later when Aly turned 19, the people of his kingdom sensed the world was on the brink of a drastic change, thus they decided to preserve as much of their culture as possible. Realizing they would never coexist with humans again, they froze a select few warriors in ice caverns underground, Aly was one of these select few. Chosen for his rapidly developing magical gift and his quick mind, Luthan, Koryu, Thelayan and Sou all stayed behind so they could guard Seyothren till the end of its days.

Before he was sealed, Luthan gave Aly the metal ring necklace he now wears, and as such, Luthan promised his younger brother that he would be alright.

Aly never saw him again.

He slept for nearly 5 centuries, and awoke only 3 months ago. Having learned about his surroundings quickly in these short months, he has realized to hide what he is and pretend he is human.

Powers: He has a developing gift of magic in the 4 elements (fire, wind, water, earth). He also has exceptional hearing and keen eyesight, like so do the rest of his race.

Strengths: He has the uncanny ability to turn anything into a weapon, and is extremely fast and evasive when he wants to be. He is also extremely good at cooking, since being an Elf he unknowingly brings out the best in anything that was grown, like vegetables, rice and the like.

Weaknesses: He lacks in strength and power. His childish behavior is also known to lead him into bad situations which he barely gets out of unscathed, and he is also known to freeze up under intense pressure.

Misc. Info: He has the ability to switch back from his adult form to his childhood form, a side effect of the freezing. He also has the ability to summon a sword from his right hand.

Back then... My brother Luthan...

(OOC: If it's being evil, the first picture is http://www.tuttomanga.com/rgveda/immagini/yasha&ashura10.jpg and the second is http://www.ifrance.com/clamp/rgveda/image/Ashura%20Etoiles.jpg)